Security Options

With today’s technology, gone are the days of the pay to monitor security systems. You now have the option to monitor your home at the same level they do. Leaving only the contact to authorities to be made, which can simply be done with your handheld device. Current monitoring can be set up wirelessly, and notify your Tv with video/pics, and/or flashing house light notifications.

The cameras either hard wired, or also come with solar powered options. The solar power, in conjunction with large capacity SD cards, can even provide recorded monitoring in remote locations. Most provide night vision, motion detection, and will alert your handheld device as programmed.

New keyless entry products can be programmed to automatically lock, and unlock, your doors when you are in the vicinity. Many are equipped with built in coding to track the actual individual with authorized entry. Applied with indoor security cameras, this option will provide you monitoring and a sense of security for when your children arrive at home while you may still be at the office. Many parents enjoy this level of home monitoring allowing for ease of mind while working those late days to have more work accomplished.