Energy Production/Storage

If there is not a home in your neighborhood that currently has solar, there definitely will be soon. With the Government and State tax incentives available, you can either pay the tax collector, or apply the funds to a home solar investment. The incentives are decreasing, so if you are thinking about a solar purchase, now is the tie to buy!

Solar can be an integral component of your Home Energy Management System. Housing your owned solar array provides your home with a renewable, sustainable, electrical generation source. We all understand the value of producing your own electricity, when we include the aspect of storage and back up batteries, you now have an energy management system.

With Intelligent batteries, you can program the system, down to the breaker level, on how to control each item with the breakers. This can be controlled in normal day to day usage as timers, and on back up mode, from priority breakers to nonpriority. The efficiency can be controlled form your handheld device from anywhere in the world that you would have internet access!!