Climate Controls

Implementing an Intelligent Home Energy Management System will save you money while providing the needed climate controlled comfort for your home. There are several supporting aspects of these systems from the simple smart thermostat, automatic blind/shades, humidity control, and timed temperature adjustments. By connecting your fans to Alexa voice control, you can activate these air movers prior to having the air conditioner on. Small techniques such as this can save hundreds of dollars/year.

Blown attic insulation, and radiant barrier combo, are estimated to provide 15% of your home’s energy savings. These items are affordable and may only take 1 day to effectively install to your attic. During the extremely hot, and cooler months, you will notice a much more level climate for your home. Not to mention that the insulated even temperature levels will decrease the amount of time and stress applied to your HVAC system.

Heating and cooling can amount to 40-60% of your home’s electrical usage. Installing a new, high efficiency air handling unit, and Intelligent controllers can easily save you 40% of your old electrical bill. Couple this with a roof top solar array, and you have energy production at its peak, powering your climate control system working in harmony.